Wpped Cream 2012

Translating a printed version into a fun, interactive iPad app








PROJECT TYPE : iPad App released in October 2012

MY PART :  Interaction design, style guide for development 

TEAM : iconmobile creative/ development team and Fitch UK design studio

DATE : July, 2012 

URL : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wpped-cream-2012/id563194342?mt=8

Design process, style guide design


Translate a printed version of WPPED Cream awards into a fun, interactive iPad app with impactful visuals and animations.  



Creative design team worked closely with developers and design provider to create a user experience optimized mobile platform focusing fun and interactive features. Not only creating interactions and animation as well as i created design guideline and assets. One of my participation was a freezing effect which comes slowly like light frozen breath on a window when the users did not touch the iPad. After when users wipe out the iPad screen or tap, the frozen effect will be gone with cracking sounds.

Made with the amazing team in iconmobile Berlin