SME Banking

Online banking platform design for SMEs


Setting up the vision to build the first MVP 


Banking service, Fintech / User research / Strategy design / Service Design / Software design / UX/UI /  Responsive / MVP Launch

Industry / Client 

Fintech/ Finleap, Venture 

Year/ Duration  2017 / ~1 year

Role Lead Concept & UX/UI designer



I started the project together with Business developer and Product manager. Our first goal was to define MVP and create the scope of our first work to kick out our prototype, that we could show to the board member to get a project budget. 


Results/ Impact

Concept got proved, MVP has launched. Became one of the biggest new venture of the year in Finleap.

Got diverse funded by many different banks. The company is continue to grow, and has more than 40 employees. 

Design Process

Phase 1. Understand the context 

Phase 2. Product vision 

Phase 3. Build MVP and marketing page for testing 

Phase 4. Implementation

Sneak peek


I am happy to show the detailed process in person. 

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