Kinder Surprise with Porsche

Using innovative Touchcode technology for kinder surprise

PROJECT TYPE : iOS, Android App and iOS tablet, Mobile site Research,

MY PART : Concept, Design, and asset production

Date : Apr - Sep, 2013 (4-5 months)

URL : Download available in iTunes and Google play


A result

1. Enhance brand engagement with customers

Add a mobile benefit to the kinder Überraschung Porsche special series this Android and universal iOS-App for iPhone and iPad has been created


2. Special physical touch code cards come with each four pack of kinder Surprise: 

When the consumer places the card on the touchscreen the cards activate special content about the particular car and can be used as a joker during the game



Touchcode is an invisible electronic code printed on the cards. Just put it on the display, smartphone or tablet to read the data, in this case to activate extra features.



Made with the amazing team in iconmobile Berlin