New steps of trust between parents and children living with diabetes.




PROJECT TYPE : Novo Nordisk, Research and Service design

TEAM : Martin/ Marco/ Hyeona 

DATE : July, 2011 

NovoSteps is an online service providing the parents of children living with diabetes an overview of the people related to their child and the opportunity to selectively share information with them about the special needs of their child. 


Directly: Parents of children living with diabetes.

By informing people the parents can relax and allow their child more freedom to experience, explore and independently grow/build up confidence by challenging their environment without parental monitoring.

Indirectly: Children living with diabetes

For any child an important part of growing up is about independently explore, experience and grow confidence in challenging the environment without the presence of parents.  

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Research Process

From the initial respondent interview, we learned that almost just as much as affecting the everyday life of the patient, diabetes also heavily affects the everyday life and concern of close relatives.

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Made with the amazing people of CIID 2011
Special thanks to Martin and Marco