Kinder Surprise with Starwars and Crazy connection

Bringing toys in Kinder surprise to digital life 







PROJECT TYPE : Cross-Platform, Mobile-Sites, QR code, Game

MY PART : Research, Concept, and Design

TEAM : Creative and Production development team in iconmobile

PHASE 1 : May - July, 2011 (Crazy Connection)

PHASE 2 : July - Dec, 2011 (STARWARS)

URL 1 : (website closed) 

URL 2 : (website closed) 

A result

over 35.000 visits in the first month consumer stayed of 2:10 minutes on the mobile site interacting with the brand. 

Kinder Surprise was tagged with QR-Codes on packages and POS materials to engage with consumers. After scan random toy character comes to life on the mobile phone supported interactive game with character detail description and tutorial videos as well as wallpaper and Facebook integration.

Kinder Surprise project 1 : Crazy connection



Kinder Surprise project 2 : Starwars



Made with the amazing team in iconmobile Berlin