CLARE Insurance

Insurance for internationals living in Germany


From finding an idea to build MVP


Insurance / Liability, Software, UX/UI, Service Design, Responsive, User research & test 

Industry / Client Fintech/ Finleap, Insurance 

Year / Duration 2015  / 3 month

Role  Lead Concept & UX/UI designer


High level - concept process

-Finding a user problem from user research (set an in house user testing for 20 people from our target group) 

-Note down all the key insights with post-its, finding patterns and choose major problems.

-Brainstorming session to solve the chosen problems from "HMW" questions and "What if" questions exercise. 

-Quickly prototype the ideas that we found and validate with users. 

Our solutions

Insurance for Internationals living and working in Germany - most of them had hard time to understand german insurance. We believe that if we solve their problems successfully, we eventually serve an easy, transparent and simple insurance to German market.

Concept direction and process

The key purpose of our MVP was to test our assumptions  

Brand design direction

Brand is an important criteria for startup to bring their trust. especially insurance aspect, trust is the one of the most important part. My goal was to bring consistent message through design and look and feel. 

Made with the amazing team in FinLeap