Capture the precious moments by recording

form of an audio clip through playful origami  

PROJECT TYPE : Tangible Interaction, Tangible visualization 

MY PART : Research, Concept, Design, & Electronics

TEAM : Individual project

DATE : Sep-Dec, 2011 (3months)

Fold back and up, listen and play! 

Challi’s helps you capture salient memories, brings a little spontaneous fun into your everyday and allows you to share a short audio clip in the origami diary.


Research and Insight

Interview over 10 travellers, 2 long-term travellers and a professional traveler, parents and family.  Co-create with random travellers age 20s to 30s.


Prototype and user test

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 7.33.19 PM.png

Thesis project 2011
Special thanks to my advisor - Julia Frederking